TV Wall Mounting in Brisbane

  • Includes a fixed ultra slim bracket
  • Includes mounting a TV up to 60″
  • (Second man surcharge for TV’s over 60″)
  • Connect to all existing devices
  • Cables sold separately
  • Additional services upon request

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    *Promotion only available when booking 2x TV installations. eg 2x $199 = $398 Total

    (120 mins max time on site)

    • Includes a fixed ultra slim bracket
    • Including mounting a TV up to 60″
    • (Second man surcharge for TV’s over 60″)
    • Connect to all existing devices
    • Includes Bonus HDMI cable 
    • Next Business day Guaranteed*

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      *Next business day is guaranteed within 15km of CBD

      (90 mins max time on-site)

      TV Wall Mounting Services

      Want to know the most best place to go to for TV Wall Mounting in Brisbane? We can TV Wall Mount in your living room. Wall mount your TV in the bedroom, install a TV in the office or any other room for that matter with any kind of specification?

      Install Express provides expert technicians with clever solutions to professionally mount your flat screen TV, Oled TV, LED and LCD TV in any space. We have successfully provided services for TV Wall Mounting in Brisbane and Redlands.  We also travel for wall mount installations on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding neighborhoods.

      Why should you wall mount your television?

      1TV wall mount optimizes performance by extending, tilting and swiveling the TV for the best viewing pleasure and reducing glare from lights or windows.
      2Mounting your TV with a low profile design creates a valuable space and provides your room with a clean and modern look.
      3  TV wall mounting protects your family and especially children from injuries caused by the instability of televisions.

      No Hidden Charges.  Fixed Price Costs. We ensure

      You have the right viewing angles without glare and ensure the best viewing experience.

      The recommended and stress free viewing distance is 2.5 times the diagonal width of the screen as suggested here. When the TV is wall mounted accordingly by our suggestions, we set the best vertical and horizontal viewing angles. Therefore the glare caused by light, windows, and reflections can be minimized for improved clarity and a better experience for your entertainment.

      Concealing of wires and cables in your wall cavity.

      If  there is a wall cavity the wires can be passed through the wall with ease so that the room aesthetics can be maintained and improve the ambiance of the surroundings. If there is no wall cavity then the wires can be hidden in decorative moldings or cable ducting which look neat while blending easily with the wall. The decorative moldings or conduits can be painted to match the wall color.

      Your TV Brackets are strong and safe.

      The team at Install Express use the only the best TV Brackets when wall mounting your TV. All of our TV brackets have Australian standard warranties and are safe and secure. It should be noted, when a wall mounted TV needs to be tilted and pivoted for the best viewing angles, it is very important that the full motion TV brackets are of a high quality, and are safe and sturdy.

      No pixilation and picture breakup.

      If your TV reception has any sort of picture problem this could be because of your TV Antenna.  Picture pixilation or picture break up is a common TV Antenna problem. Luckily, we also offer digital antenna upgrades and TV Antenna services by our qualified TV technicians. Further more, we ensure all the audio visual equipment are correctly installed.

      To get your TV mounted in your preferred location, Contact us or call us at (07) 3112 0222 and we will complete our services at a time that suits you. Click here to see other audio visual services in Brisbane offered by Install Express.
      Book Online if you are in Brisbane or the surrounding suburbs to book our TV wall mounting service.